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Harrow Prime is the latest Warframe to receive primed treatment. Primed Warframes are the golden counterparts of the normal frames, which have slightly better stats but have a more golden flair overall. The priest frame, which is all about shields, energy, and precision shots, is very versatile. Now that he has a Prime variant, here are some pretty strong builds for Harrow Prime in Warframe.

Harrow Prime builds in Warframe


This build focuses on a team oriented play style. Since Harrow [Prime] has shield and energy regeneration, healing, damage mitigation, and critical damage buffing, he can prove to be a very powerful ally. No ability is necessarily useless. Harrow is one of the few Warframes that has a kit that uses every ability.


If you want to replace certain mods from this build, you can use Primed Sure Footed for an upgrade, another mod for benefit or survival, or something that increases the other skill stats.

Arcane can be hard to come by if you’re a middle or early game player. They round out the build as they add more shield and energy abilities to the frame. Although Harrow doesn’t need it per se, it allows him to step into higher-level missions with ease.

Finally, if you want to replace all of the skills he has about the helminth, then you should probably replace Condemn with whatever you prefer. However, if you want something that compliments their style of play even better, you can choose one of the following skills:

  • breakthrough wave
  • Pharmacy
  • Darkness
  • Elemental protection
  • Ensnare
  • larva
  • rest
  • rebuild shields
  • Roar
  • Admission gallery
  • Spectrometer
  • Xata’s whisper

Eidolon Support

This build focuses solely on Harrow’s ultimate ability – Fret . It has a damage mitigation mechanic where any source of damage is absorbed and converted into increased critical bonuses. As this setup suggests, this is for the eidolon hunt.


The role Harrow plays in an optimal eidolon hunting party is that he can negate all damage an eidolon deals during its spike phases. When Quill Onkko tells you an energy sting is coming, the Harrow needs to prepare to properly time the Covenant cast.

If it’s done right, the team doesn’t have to back off. This allows the team to stay engaged even when the peaks occur. The unusually low skill duration also works wonders here. A longer ability duration means that the critical buff period lasts after the damage absorbing phase, so Harrow cannot cast another covenant until it has expired.

This can be a problem for a team that dismantles an eidolon’s shields fast enough and has not yet depleted the ability. The critical buff after damage absorption is nice, but clearing the Energy Spike damage and its magnetic procs allows your teammates to survive and not lose all of their energy. The short duration allows Harrow to cast Covenant more.

If you don’t already have Harrow Prime, you can still use the basic variant of the frame and go with this build. The stats are negligible in the long run and can still be as useful as its Prime counterpart.

Warframe can be played for free on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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