Splinter Cell Remake is under development with Snowdrop Engine

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The Splinter Cell series was a huge hit, and fans of the series were hoping for a new installment for the latest generation of consoles and the final decade of gaming in general. Splinter Cell fans, on the other hand, have indeed been spoiled with new information about the series, as a Splinter Cell remake is currently in development. It should be noted that this is a “remake” rather than a “remaster” which means there will likely be many big changes to the game’s original formula. In addition, it is developed on Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine.

Even though rumors have been circulating about the potential of a new mainline game, it doesn’t seem like there is a new addition, at least for the time being, but an all-new remake of the original that will undoubtedly bring fans new and old to the game in droves, like a laser that rips apart particles in the air at an exponential rate when it reaches its destination.

The game was revealed yesterday through a video and blog post that highlighted important details about the direction of the remake. In particular, the Snowdrop engine is also used in the development of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and the upcoming Star Wars game, which is also in production. This will demonstrate the capabilities of the engines and meet player expectations for the visual front of a game remake after 19 years. Ubisoft is also hiring new talent to work on the latest remake. So if you’re interested in a job, be sure to read the blog post and job postings.

Regarding the remake, stealth is once again “redefined” and due to its central importance for the entire series. This time around, stealth is based on what a “modern-day audience” expects and it will be a pleasure to see Sam Fisher navigate the game environments with precision and clarity as you return to one of the gaming world’s greatest characters.

From the words of the developers, “We’re making a game that will be modern but built on the foundation of the brand’s rich history.” This will be a central point in the development process and fans will be excited to find out more in the near future to learn the remake.

Splinter Cell Remake is in early development and will likely be released sometime within the next four to five years.

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