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Rags to Riches Trailer Released for Arcade Paradise

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Nosebleed Interactive have delayed Arcade Paradise from its previously planned 2021 release date to spring 2022 and have released a new trailer for the game called “Rags to Riches”.
Welcome to Arcade Paradise, a retro arcade adventure game dominated by the 90s atmosphere. You’ll play as Ashley, who gets the key to the family laundry. Instead of washing clothes for a living, you decide to turn the laundry into the ultimate arcade. Choose from 35 games to take place in the arcade inspired by thirty years of gaming history, all games can be played and high scores can be saved. Stay one step ahead of your dad, invest by managing income and create your very own Arcade Paradise!
Arcade Paradise will release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.
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