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Puzzle Adventure Game Roki Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

Publisher United Label and developer Polygon Treehouse have announced that they will release Röki, the story-driven adventure game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, on October 28.
Roki was first released for PC via Steam and GOG in July 2020, then for Switch in October 2020.
Roki is an adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folk tales. A poignant narrative, an inviting visual style, ancient puzzles and an atmospheric exploration experience come together in this bleak contemporary tale.
We join Tove on a fantastic adventure to save his family. This adventure takes him deep into the long-forgotten world of lost folk tales, filled with bizarre locations and bizarre creatures.
Explore ancient wild worlds, solve mysteries and save your family in this modern adventure game for everyone.
Explore a living fairy tale forest.
Explore the rich and seductive world of bleak Scandinavian folklore with Tove. This is a lively world, down to the smallest detail, embodied by the original visuality of Roki.
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