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Maneater Truth Quest DLC Review

Maneater Truth Quest Review

More fulfilling, however, are the combat encounters that you will encounter with other, say “modified” creatures. Prepare for an electrified great white shark, boned sperm whale, and more. You’re not the only freaky creature out there, and these make for fun and challenging battles. It’s just a shame that they no longer play a role in the main story, because it is infinitely more entertaining to compete against them than another boat full of soldiers.

Search for truth also gives you a handful of new skins and skills for your shark in case you want to change your loadout (for lack of a better word). The radioactive kit is great and creates a deadly shockwave when active. These can of course also be used in the main game if you still need to clean up secondary content.

Plover Island gives you the same collectathon as any other area in Man eater. There is treasure to be found, landmarks to be destroyed and license plates to be collected. The environment is at least interesting; it’s not the prettiest place in Maneater – For me, you can’t beat the crystal clear waters of Sapphire Bay, which looks really great on PS5 – but there are some entertaining finds, like a UFO in the military base.

I do not recommend picking up Search for truth unless you absolutely loved Man eater. There is no point in advancing or confusing the formula in any way. It’s more of the same, but with a stronger emphasis on the more frustrating elements of the main game. At least the excellent narrative by Chris Parnell stays on point.

Maneater: Truth Quest DLC Review – Score


This rating of Maneater: Truth Quest DLC is based on the PS5 version with publisher-provided code. It’s available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch, and you’ll need the base game to play.
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