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KeyWe Review

KeyWe Review

When I was younger there was a toy that I used Yes, really wanted but never got it: a game post office.

I was obsessed with stationery (still am) so got the idea of ​​sorting letters and envelopes, stamping things, and charging imaginary customers for the privilege, something that really appealed to my younger me. After spending some time playing KeyWe In a co-op game about a pair of kiwi birds who work in a post office, I now realize that my parents may have got the right idea by not buying me this supposed mail. It is a lot of hard work for very little reward.

That is, the concept of Key We still speaks to me very much. The part of me that loves to sort and organize gets into the thought from KeyWe. Either playable alone or in co-op, your goal is to complete a range of post-related tasks. You may need to type messages, properly label packages before sending, or sort incoming and outgoing email. It sounds like a dream to someone like me. Besides being a bird, the tasks get a little more complex. For example, you have to use your bum to hit a letter on a keyboard, so even a simple execution takes time and patience. And so it is in practice KeyWe isn’t quite as funny as it should be.

This was developed very much with co-op play in mind. So if you’re going to tackle the game on your own, you’ll have to switch control of the two kiwis on a regular basis. You’ll also need to sync their movements to press buttons and activate switches that both birds require – luckily, the movements of both kiwis can be synchronized if you hold down a button on your controller. But there are no single player considerations; If you are after gold on every level, you really need a different player on board.

In co-op – which can be either online or local – you need to coordinate and communicate effectively to be successful. For example, if you’re typing a word with one player editing half of the letters and another half editing, you need to pay close attention to what the other player is doing. It can get messy – but it’s not entirely chaotic enough to reflect the messy hilarity that comes with playing something like Overcooked, for example. Get into a rhythm KeyWe and it can be satisfying, but in a very busy way. Struggle for coordination and it’s nothing but frustrating.

Add to the frustrations levels that add additional obstacles and pests to overcome. For example, you will often come across bugs stealing your letters and so you will need to track them down before you can complete the task at hand. And since there are different types of tasks available, you will likely find some more fun than others. Sorting incoming and outgoing mail is deeply satisfying – but typing a letter before handing it to a delivery bird that needs to be fed quickly first becomes quite a chore. You also can’t choose which levels you play; You simply work your way through a calendar, with each level predetermined. Being able to choose which challenges to play would bring you up KeyWe much more pleasant, I think.

KeyWe deserves some praise, however. It’s an adorable looking game, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the two Kiwis – especially once you’ve dressed them up in a number of unlockable outfits. And despite the amount of work involved, I have to praise the developer Stonewheat & Sons for developing a unique concept. I just wish the actual gameplay kept its promise.

Although playable in single player, it is difficult to recommend KeyWe as a solo experience. This is very much designed with co-op play in mind, unless you have someone to play with, don’t bother to pick it up. It’s a laudable concept, and it can be done on a short-term basis, but ultimately the chores that are entrusted to these adorable kiwi birds boil down to nothing but repetitive busy work.

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This rating of KeyWe based on the PS5 version, via publisher-provided code. It’s available for PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC.
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