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Flynn: Son of Crimson Review

Flynn: Son of Crimson Review

To play Flynn: son of Crimson is like discovering a Mega Drive era classic that you’ve never played before.

Like a blast from the past Flynn: son of Crimson has adorable pixelated graphics, easy to learn but difficult to master gameplay, and a clichéd yet entertaining story. And while it doesn’t have voice acting, it has a luscious soundtrack that stays in your head long after you’ve stopped playing.

In the role of the eponymous Flynn, your journey begins on a day that seems like any other. With little to do, it is recommended that you take your loyal companion Dex for a walk while mowing any weeds you encounter along the way. However, after a short rest, you feel that anger is afoot. If you take off on your own, you will soon run into a stranger jingling with some kind of ancient artifact and not liking your presence.

When the stranger cuts you down, the artifact comes to life and gives you an unknown power with a crimson hue. With the balance of power shifted, you overwhelm your attacker, but the untimely arrival of Dex sees the now angry troublemaker stealing her guardian power. So can you save your beloved Dex and learn more about the power that is pouring through you now? At least you have to try.

A platformer at heart Flynn: son of Crimson also has its fair share of fighting. Flynn can only slash with his sword at first, but other weapons are available later. His new powers also allow him to unleash magical orbs for attacks from a distance, which can be given numerous elemental properties. And when it comes to defense, it can pass enemies and their attacks unscathed with a clever rolling maneuver. He’ll get hit at some point, however, and then a container of restorative power comes in handy.

Levels are mapped and generally unlocked in a linear fashion, although some have multiple exits. There are also cities and other interesting places to visit along the way. There you can talk to Flynn’s friends and acquaintances for information, or even exchange the red crystals you acquired on your trip for new skills and upgrades. And sometimes Flynn discovers keys that open even more alternative exits to previously completed levels. Occasionally they lead to challenges.

Sometimes you are also forced to back down, blocking an area of ​​the map until you find and deal with something called Scourge. If you revisit a Scourge-infested level you will find that it is filled with new enemies and even a giant phantom ax that sometimes haunts you. Only when you have found and destroyed the ball of energy that caused the anomaly can you continue your adventure.

There’s nothing really new or overly exciting to be found Flynn: son of Crimson, but its well-executed mix of platform, combat, and easy puzzle solving will keep you busy from start to finish. It’s a fairly short, no-nonsense adventure (though it has levels of difficulty if you’re looking for a more challenging game) and one that fans of old-school platformers are sure to please – as long as they don’t expect something revolutionary.

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This rating of Flynn: son of Crimson is based on the PS4 version (played on PS5) with a code provided by the publisher of the game. It’s available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.
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