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FarmVille 3 Pre-Registration Opened

One of the leading companies in the interactive entertainment industry, Zynga Inc., the creator of the world-famous FarmVille series. (Nasdaq: ZNGA) announced that as of today, the pre-registration for its new game, FarmVille 3, has begun. FarmVille 3, a social farming simulation where you cultivate your field and help each other with your friends, will be playable on iOS and Android devices worldwide, as well as M1-equipped Apple laptops and desktops, from November 4, 2021. Zynga has also released a teaser trailer for FarmVille 3 featuring fan-favorite farm worker Marie, brand new characters and adorable animals.
Bernard Kim, Publishing Manager at Zynga, said, “FarmVille met with gamers twelve years ago and has created a loyal following of over 700 million people worldwide,” said. “The game is designed to appeal to the next generation of players, as well as the many players who have enjoyed FarmVille over the past decade.”
FarmVille 3 will be home to over 150 animal species in total, including adorable chickens and cows, as well as exotic new pets like friendly tigers and fluffy alpacas. Players will adopt, nurture and raise many animals like cute chicks, lambs, pigs, etc. while they are still young and will be rewarded with unique farm items that will help them in return for their efforts.
One of the favorite characters of many FarmVille players, Marie will be waiting for you to guide and welcome both the existing FarmVille community and new players who want to farm for the first time. Marie is accompanied by a staff of over 30 different farmers. Each character has useful skills such as baking, fishing, woodcutting and crafting that will help players set up their farms.
Weather conditions are also extremely important in the game! Players will be able to check the in-game weather forecasts and use this to their advantage to increase the efficiency of their next harvest or fishing trip.
You can pre-register now to stay up to date with the latest news about FarmVille 3 and be among the first to know when the game is released on November 4, 2021. For two weeks following the release of the game, players will be able to get a very special starter kit. This starter kit includes decorative elements and items designed to help players customize their playground, such as the ‘Early Bird profile picture’.
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