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Battlefield 2042 beta dates may have been announced

We recently received news of a postponement regarding Battlefield 2042. With this postponement news, naturally, the beta dates were moved forward. According to the latest leaked news, Beta dates may have been determined. However, next week BF 2042 We can get gameplay video and additional information about the game.

The source of the leak is a Chinese video sharing platform.

Battlefield 2042 beta dates, apparently Chinese video sharing platform Bilibili leaked through. Earlier this month, trusted industry veteran Tom Henderson claimed that the Battlefield 2042 beta will launch on October 6 for customers who pre-ordered before October 8. And these dates were announced on Bilibili’s live broadcast page. Battlefield 2042 beta dates will be between October 6-9, it is clearly evident in the shared image. However, this is in line with what Henderson said.

In mid-September, Electronic Arts delayed the release of Battlefield 2042 from October 22 to November 19. Oskar Gabrielson recently said that Battlefield 2042 has been delayed due to problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. EA said in July that the open beta of Battlefield 2042 will begin in September. But they added that their plans apparently changed when the game was delayed. Alongside the news about the game’s delay, EA said that open beta updates will arrive later this month.

Tom Henderson says Beta dates are subject to change.

Henderson said today that an official Battlefield 2042 beta announcement and accompanying trailer are scheduled for release on September 29, but suggested these plans may be affected by the Bilibili leak. The ad shows that the beta will end on October 9. But Henderson thinks it’s advertising-only streaming activity. A four-day schedule for the beta is a bit short, but we’ll have to wait for official details before we can say anything definitive. Additionally, Henderson expects beta news to go live today or tomorrow along with a new trailer. So we don’t have to wait too long to find out more.

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